News Release: LegiNation and State Political Maps Introduce New 2013 Congressional and Legislative District Maps

Posted by Jacob Smith on

Redistricting and the elections mean new challenges for legislative professionals in identifying the new boundaries and representatives

DENVER – October 31, 2012 – LegiNation, creator of the BillTrack50 solution, today announced a partnership with State Political Maps to provide legislative watchers and professionals with wall maps of the 2013 Congressional Districts, State House Districts and State Senate Districts.  Sharp, easy to use maps will help professionals quickly identify district boundaries and relevant representatives so they can strategically adjust efforts to focus on the correct regions and influencers. The partnership means that BillTrack50 customers who pre-order maps by November 5, 2012 will save 20 per cent of the total price.

Karen Suhaka, president of LegiNation said “Redistricting is a hot issue this fall, and everyone knows I like political eye candy, so I love these beautiful maps. I’m excited to be involved with Jacob, and help share his maps with my customers, and anyone else concerned with keeping track of legislators and the areas they represent.”

Lobbyists and other professionals rely on accurate, clear district maps to determine communication strategies and to present and explain political details to clients and stakeholders. 

“Our maps show the entire state all at once, and at a scale that still allows you to see specific boundary lines, towns & cities, and highways,” says Jacob Smith, president of State Political Maps. “The maps are a very helpful visual aid when planning a lobbying strategy for a particular bill or a suite of bills.”

For more information about how to obtain the maps and a discount code, please see this blog post and to see the complete collection of maps, go to State Political Maps.

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We love maps and we love politics, so what better to do but design political maps and make them available to you? We're based in Golden, Colorado, and we are the best source for gorgeous, professional wall maps of Congressional Districts, State House Districts, and State Senate Districts.

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